New Books

I did a bad thing. And by bad, I mean, excitingly excessive. I spent something like $80 on books this past Saturday. The first batch was from Books-a-Million at the mall, and the second was from Second Edition Books in Columbia where I was visiting some friends. The trip to Second Edition was especially fun since I went over to the horror section and found a ton of Merry Gentry novels by Laurell K. Hamilton (I swear I’ll talk about another author one of these days) and grabbed, oh I don’t know, the first six? Except I could have sworn I already owned A Kiss of Shadows, only to find once I got home that I don’t. Oh well.

But I also found a lot of cool other things, which you can see below:


Let’s see…okay, I’m finally going to read Roxane Gay’s Bad Feminist, since for some reason I haven’t gotten around to reading it yet. I also re-bought Anno Dracula by Kim Newman, which I lent to a friend a few years ago…. And then I also re-bought Interview with the Vampire by Anne Rice, since I had just recently watched the movie and was feeling in the mood for some purple angst. Maryland Legends was in the regional section of Books-a-Million, and I was really excited to find that it was published recently enough to include the Testudo Shrine Fire of 2013 at UMD.

Fun fact about that fire, I was working at the Welcome Desk in McKeldin Library the night it caught fire, which spawned this genius tweet as I watched:

Anyway…can’t wait to read these. I just wish I hadn’t spent so much, because afterwards we stopped at the one place within an hour of me that sells bottles of absinthe and by that point, I felt like I wasn’t allowed to spend any more money. Drat.


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