New Shelving!

20170708_185349Summertime for me and my peers means it’s time to find new housing! Y’know because school schedules and all that. Not that any of my housemates or I are still in school, but that schedule seems pretty hard to kill. Anyway, because both my housemates have moved out early, they’re deciding what they don’t want to bring with them, which means that I get a bunch of their stuff (what’s up, new Britta pitcher?). One of those things was a book case in our dining room that had mostly been holding Random Crap and my collection of loose teas.


And we all know that I’m a book hoarder right? Well, now you do. My bookshelves have long since been filled, and the landing outside my bedroom has been having to make do in the meantime. But now…


Ta-da! That’s actually not too many books. I guess it seems like more when it’s literally obstructing my path. So, when it comes to shelving, I arrange by author, and I usually separate fiction and non-fiction. That separation isn’t the case here because there’s actually not too many non-fiction up there. Just some housekeeping and literary theory books. Also, Dead Ringers by Christopher Golden isn’t in the right place alphabetically because it WOULDN’T. FIT. It actually bothers me a lot.

I also have a dedicated shelf to books that Aren’t Mine. Like library books and books other people lent to me. Those, I don’t organize at all. Because they aren’t going to be there long enough (in theory).

Speaking of shelves, I did my first organized-by-color shelf today. We moved my housemate out this morning, and I told him in no uncertain terms that I really wanted to shelve his books. He doesn’t have that many books, so it’s not the most stunning thing, but I’m pretty happy with it. I separated normal-sized and over-sized books, and I figured out a nice way to cope with the black and white spines by focusing on the text color. So a black spine with red letters goes in the red section, for example.


Sue me, I went to library school!


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